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Cold Fusion
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Course Description
The point of this courseware is to learn the ColdFusion basics. This course reveals the basic features of ColdFusion that you will actually use on a regular basis from the point of view of Web developer professionals who have already determined which fundmental ColdFusion commands are the most useful. Topics covered in this course are listed below.

Course Details
Course Name :
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 ColdFusion 101
Certifications :  N/A (Tools Course)
Course Cost :  $60.00 $45.00 Limited Time Offer
Course Author :  WebYoda, Inc.
Student Rating :  
Prerequisites :  Advanced XHTML

Course Syllabus
 Basic ColdFusion
 CF Variables
 Conditional Statements
 Null vs Undefined Variables
 CF Validation Functions
 CF String Function
 CF System Functions
 Web Database Essentials
 ODBC Services Defined
   Database files overview
 Displaying Database Records via the Web
 Retrieving a specified record
 Creating a database search form
 Web Databases Admin
 Adding, Deleting, and Updating Records
 Web Database Security Basics
 Adding, Deleting, Updating with security

"Great, easy way to learn Cold Fusion. The step-by-step lesson program kept me interested and helped me learn quickly. I liked how everything was laid out and how easy it was to understand how databases work and how to access them via a website. I'm especially glad that I can go back to my student account whenever I need and use this course as a Reference. "
Chris P. - Cold Fusion Student 

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