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Beginning XHTML
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Course Description
This course is one of the WOW Academy Webmaster Core Courses. This course reveals the basic features of XHTML that you will actually use on a regular basis, presented from the point of view of Web developer professionals who have already determined which fundamental XHTML codes are the most useful. Topics covered in this course are listed below. (See also Advanced XHTML)

Course Details
Course Name :
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 Beginning HTML/XHTML
Certifications :  (WAW) (CWP) (CAW)(CIW)
Course Cost :  $60.00 $45.00 Limited Time Offer
Course Author :  WebYoda, Inc.
Student Rating :  
Prerequisites :  none

Course Syllabus
 Minimal HTML tags
 HTML Comment Tags
 Background and Text Color
 Line Breaks and Preformatted Text
 Paragraphs and Headings
 Horizontal Rules
 Text Alignment
 Tag Etiquette
 Font Bold, Italic, Sizing
 Font Coloring and Typeface
 Font Superscript/Subscript
 Special Characters
   Ordered, Unordered, Definition Lists
 Link Colors
 Linking to Local Files and Local Drives
 Linking to a website and to FTP site
 Linking to Documents and within a File
 Linking to email
 Background Graphics and Textures
 Displaying a Graphic
 Image Spacing Attributes
 Using a Graphic as a Link
 XHTML Validation methods

"The course organization of Beginning XHTML is great. The explanations go straight to the point. I like that is is self-paced and it gave you time to think on your own on how to resolve your mistake before turning to the resource guides (books, links, etc). It was really helpful to learn the technical language and the definition of acronyms. Taking the course gave me a lot of ideas on building my website. Thank you for offering a great web-based course."
April S. - Beginning XHTML Student 

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